Friends of Campus School

Preserving the Philosophy, Facilities and Future of Campus School


Preserving the Philosophy, Facilities and Future of Campus School

What is Friends of Campus School?

We are an on-going broad-based organization whose sole purpose is to support and preserve the philosophy, facilities and future of Campus School through community awareness, education, and fund raising.  This is our role as we work in conjunction with the Parent Teacher Organization, Middle Tennessee State University and Rutherford County Schools toward a common goal of maintaining and improving Campus School—its traditions, faculty, and facilities as a permanent flagship source of educational and historic value that serves our community locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

How do you plan to accomplish your goal?

Friends of Campus School has three objectives:

  • Educate the community on the triumphs and challenges, past and present of Campus School
  • Raise capital funds to renovate, improve, and enhance Campus School facilities located at 923 East Lytle Street
  • Promote the tradition of excellence and long-term impact of the Campus School educational experience.

Who belongs to Friends of Campus School?

In addition to a broad base of community supporters, we are composed of –but not limited to-past, present, and future…

Alumni                            Teachers                      Parents                              Staff


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